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At RareStorage, we prioritize your collection.

Rare Storage

We have short and long-term options, and work with K&L to get your bottles safely into storage awaiting your further instructions. When it's time for you to take delivery, we'll help coordinate your effort to get your valuable property to you. We recommend shipping to a commercial address or where an adult is consistently present for a successful first attempt delivery, as an adult signature is mandatory.

Please be aware that K&L conducts transactions in California, and these transactions are subject to California sales tax. Once a purchase is made, the title is transferred to the buyer in California, and the product is then moved to RareStorage. It's important to note that K&L and RareStorage are distinct companies. They have formed a partnership to offer top-notch fine wines, combined with storage and logistics services for your convenience. Active K&L customers and auction consignors get discounted storage.


Rates and Availability

Please take a moment to understand shipping rates before you put your wines into storage, since we assume someday you'll want to get them! We're happy to store your wines free for 60 days, and 40 cents per bottle, per month afterwards in a temperature-controlled environment. View our Shipping Information page for details.


"RareStorage" Checkout at K&L

Choose "RareStorage" as your fulfillment option, and K&L will conduct a CA transaction (with CA sales tax) and turn over your property to RareStorage on your behalf. We are separate businesses. When K&L has processed the order it will show as being in "Shipping" status on your K&L order history page. That is the point in time it gets handed over to RareStorage. Step 3 below describes what happens next...


Store or Request Shipment

When K&L hands over your personal property to RareStorage, we will contact you via email within 48 hours. That email will come from a address (check your bulk/junk email just in case). The email from RareStorage will provide instructions on storage or shipping, as well as provide links to pay for services.


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