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Wine Storage

Store Your Collection

RareStorage Temp-Controlled Storage

Rare storage offers 60 days free storage, followed by 40 cents per bottle, per month at 57-63 degree at an offsite RareStorage warehouse. Intended for longer term storage. Active K&L customers and auction consignors get discounted storage. Pickups, deliveries, shipments and custom services require advance coordination and incur any costs of the provided services. Our facilities are not accessible to customers for security reasons.

K&L Will-Call Storage, Managed by RareStorage

Customers near a K&L location get 60 days free storage for "will call" pickups, at which point property is turned over to RareStorage to manage. That storage options is 25 cents per bottle, per month at room temp at a K&L location. Easy pickup but intended for short-term storage as temps range from 67-74 degrees and bottles are typically standing up.

On-Site Storage Lockers at K&L

Several K&L locations have individual customer-accessible temp-controlled wine lockers. These are managed by K&L and not currently part of the RareStorage partnership at this time. Please contact K&L for more details.

Additional Fees

  • Lay down boxes (if needed): $8/box
  • Insurance: not available currently - please cover under your own policy as we work to develop this option.
  • Receiving shipments from other wineries or retailers: (Coming Soon)


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