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Frequently Asked Questions

We've posted a graphic displaying our basic shipping rates.

RareStorage specializes in storing our customers' collections. If customers choose to have their personal property shipped to them, we can assist in helping them self-import their own personal property. However, shipments of gift orders do not fall under this framework, and we are concerned that they may violate the law. Therefore, we are unable to conduct this type of transaction.

RareStorage is the shipway for SHIPPING wine out.

RareStorage-LongTerm is the shipway for STORING wine.

First 60 days - no charge

Orders over 60 days accrue storage fees as follows:


  • Older orders with a shipway of RareStorage or RareStorage-LongTerm get charged 40 cents per bottle per month. (these are stored properly at lower temps and lay-down boxes)

  • Older orders with all other shipways are charged at 25 cents per bottle per month.

Discounts are available to active customers who use the RareStorage or RareStorage-LongTerm solution

  • $2,500 in trailing 365 day purchases (or auction consignments) —25% discount  at RareStorage or RareStorage-LongTerm shipway (i.e. 30c per bottle)

  • $10,000 in trailing 365 day purchases (or auction consignments) —50% discount at RareStorage or RareStorage-LongTerm shipway (i.e. 20c per bottle)

… any combination of purchases and consignments will count (ex: $3000 in purchases and $7000 in consignments gets the customer to $10k)

Three parts...

Part 1:

Email to with the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • K&L customer number
  • Customer Email Address
  • What order(s) are coming into RareStorage - Long Term

Note we use "Long Term" as the shipway for items not immediately being shipped out.

Part 2:

Message the relevant K&L location's operations department (either stores for will calls, or the warehouse for holds) - provide the same details as you did in the email to

Park 3:

Ensure you updated the shipway on any open orders (including those in Shipping status) with the new shipway of RareStorage - Long Term

In the spirit of under-promise, over-deliver, please tell the customer it will take 4-5 business days to turn the order around. In reality it will be faster if everything is already in San Carlos.

Customers get a tracking email from RareStorage when shipments get transmitted to the carriers.

Additionally, tracking numbers get loaded back into KLMaint. For the western US, GLS is the shipper. For the rest of the country, WeShip is the shipper.

After 60 days, RareStorage will email customers about storage fees that are due.

Prior to then, RareStorage will reach out to customers to see if they want products shipped. That happens when ALL orders are in SHIPPING status. If there are orders still in new or picking, we will wait to email them.

Once all orders are in Shipping status, we send the customer an email with a link to pay for shipping. That same email informs them of longer-term storage fees.

RareStorage and RareStorage-LongTerm will not see orders in NEW status.

We wait for all their orders to exit NEW and PICKING before contacting them with a consolidated list of bottles.

If a fulfillment order in NEW is requested to be moved to RareStorage, please ensure the following...

  • If the order has been bin-located, change the shipway to RareStorage or RareStorage-LongTerm (depending on whether it's getting shipped or stored).

  • Advance the order into SHIPPING status.

  • Customer Preferred Pre-Arrival shipway should be changed to RareStorage so they can be automatically sent to Shipping in the future.

We deeply value your trust and patronage throughout the years. In our constant effort to enhance our services and ensure the best experience for all our cherished customers, we also have to recognize that we have a finite amount of space at our locations. We have introduced a modest storage fee for wines kept at our locations longer than 60 days. Beginning in 2024, there will be a charge of 25 cents per bottle (per month) for storage at our will call locations. For those who prefer a specialized environment for their valuable wines, we're offering a temperature-controlled facility with laydown storage at 40 cents per bottle (per month). Items that need to be repacked into laydown boxes will be another $8/box (one time fee).

This change aims to optimize space and ensure that all our customers can enjoy our collection and services. We hope this also encourages timely pickups or deliveries, allowing us to continue providing you with the utmost in care and attention. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Offering free unlimited storage for an indefinite period just isn't a sustainable business model, and we appreciate your flexibility.

Once the K&L orders are in SHIPPING status, this process happens automatically. Shipping charges will be charged by RareStorage, please don't double-up with shipping charges from K&L.

Not directly (at this time). Instead send an email with details to with all the relevant details.

Recall that after 60 days, charges are 25 cents per bottle (per month) for will call storage, and 40 cents per bottle (per month) for temperature controlled storage.

Currently it's not possible (at this time) for a K&L staffer to see a direct breakdown, but the customer will get this information in detail at the email address we have on file for them.

It's our desire to get customers into the buildings to pick up their product.

If customers have picked up their order within the 30 days before the next billing cycle occurs, we will wipe out any existing invoice that went unpaid.

If a customer fails to pay the invoice or pick up their product, we will escalate this to customer service to determine if we have incorrect contact information.

In the event that a customer is refusing to pay for storage and also refusing to pick up their property, we are obligated to turn it over to the state as unclaimed property.


No! This will end up doubling the customer's bottle count and shipping charges.

Instead, just make sure that all fulfillment orders and other held orders are in Shipping status with RareStorage as the shipway. When this happens, the customer will automatically get an invoice emailed with the option of paying for shipping.

Do not add additional placeholder SKUs or shipping charges to a K&L invoice for RareStorage shipment. This will double up the charges.

1% insurance coverage is for products in transit.

However, for insurance coverage on their collection in storage, we refer customers out to "Insure My Wine"


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